• «The human being is the most valuable, the best and the most desirable creation on the Earth. Everything was created for the sake and for the good of the human being. The service of the human being is the assignment of all creatures, the sun and the universe, the mountains and the plains, the seas and the rivers, the plants and the animals, the flowers and the nightingale, the air and the fire, i.e. of entire beautiful nature and its inexhaustible resources».

    Alisher Navoi
  • «A country’s prosperity is defined by the state of sciences and their flourishing. The consummate happiness of the human being lays in the cognition, since the human being has been endowed with an intellect. Only this understanding of happiness will bring the peace and welfare to the world. This is the very state of the human being’s mind when he/she cognizes the subject he/she has never known before; the superior merit of the human being is the care of the others, in particular, of the poor people».

  • «The people, being the highest value of the society, are bearing the huge value themselves, the powerful capacity, and this capacity implementation is the strongest driver of our society’s development and progress».

    Islam Karimov
  • «The human development paradigm is a holistic development model. It embraces every development issue, including economic growth, social investment, people's empowerment provision of basic needs and social safety nets, political and cultural freedom and all other aspects of people's lives».

    Mahbub ul Haq
  • «The human development concept is indeed a holistic development concept, embracing both the means, the productive capacity and the equity; both the economic and the social development; both the material wealth and the social services».

    Mahbub ul Haq

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  • Summer School 2014 on Human Development

    The main objective of the Summer School on human development 2014 is to equip participants with understanding of trends of human development at global, regional and national levels, to review tools to explore measurements of human development, including the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), to share experiences and acquire relevant skills to apply the HD concept in research and at work. In addition, the Summer School aims to advance the human development concept as a tool of critical analysis of the current political, socio-economic processes and issues of sustainable environment. The Summer School is organized in two stages – online and interactive modules and conducted in three languages: Uzbek, Russian and English.


I want to know that how the online module will be held? With web cameras or only in written form?
Online module will be conducted mainly in written form, through forums. Facilitators will engage and guide participants each week, they will be moderating discussions. Forum will be opened at respective...

As one of application documents for the school on HD, it was requeseted candidates to send their Resume. Is it ok if I send the CV instead of Resume?



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